Random Lessons on the Journey

Dr. Lecia introducing her Geechee Tees

In 2018, I tried my hand at developing merchandise that celebrates my Gullah Geechee heritage. After trying to find tees that highlighted Geechee history or sayings, I decided to create a line of my own. While I’ve learned much about the production and marketing process, one of the things I’ve realized is that I’ve been relying on some old skills as I try to get the word out about my “merch” created to “do em fa da culcha.”
Recently, I was reminded how nothing is wasted as I folded t-shirts to display at an event called the Black History Soul Meet & Eat. As I was folding shirts, I realized that I had learned how to fold shirts for display as a worker in retail. For a few days while in high school, I worked for department store days before the new store opened. While we were promised that we would be considered for longer-term employment, I remember the day I was tapped to go home. My service was no longer needed, so I and a few others were notified of how we would get our final paychecks for our set-up services. Although it was a slight wound because I really wanted a “mall job,” today, I realized I took something valuable from that experience. Years later, I worked at another plus size store where those folding skills paid off.
From working in retail to serving as an ambassador for a famous frozen pizza brand (time doesn’t permit to discuss the respiratory infection I ended up with after standing in the freezer section for two days), I’ve learned many skills that have benefited me along the way. The Bible admonishes us to not despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). I believe it is those humble beginnings that add the most value to our skillsets along the way.

What is a job you have done in the past that prepared you for future assignments?