Go Ye Therefore and Blog

Go Ye Therefore and Blog

Did Jesus just preach in the temple? Of course, he didn’t. Scripture shows us Jesus reached people wherever they were!

With the accessibility and ease of the Internet and social media, we can now minister to thousands, and potentially millions, in a matter of seconds. No, you do not need thousands of dollars for equipment to buy fancy gadgets! Your cell phone or laptop are what’s needed to get you started.

Whether you consider using YouTube or Twitter, you already have engaging content from your sermons, prayers, and other written content created each week.

Instead of quickly moving on to the next word, consider sharing portions of your sermon in multiple blog posts.

Sister, I know you preached paint off the walls in your last sermon series, but feel free to NOT share the entire manuscript as a blog post. Brother, I know you’re an extemporaneous preacher, but while the needs of your auditory congregants have been met those who comprehend through reading may have missed some of your points. Blogging would be a great way to accommodate with a learning style we may often overlook in a more orally centered community.

What are the standout quotes spoken that could encourage someone via a tweet?

As church attendees comment on parts of the sermon that resonated with them after service, consider highlighting those portions in your blogs or even Twitter posts!

Did some listeners misinterpret something you were trying to get across? Consider using the blog to clarify or suggest readings for further discussion or understanding. There are likely some congregants or social media followers who will appreciate more context on a subject or text.

Additionally, blogging and social media allow us to connect with people who may never find their way into the four walls of our sanctuaries. Thus, my mission is to help clergy and congregations spread the Gospel #beyondthewalls.
While it will take planning and time to strategically blog and use social media, you’ll notice that your words will reach people located in other cities, states, or possibly other countries. Get started today and begin sharing the Gospel with those who will connect with you and your ministry via the “digital pews.”
Are you a minister or pastor who needs help on how to begin blogging or leveraging your use of social media, contact Dr. Lecia for a one-one-one session that can be done via via call or in person.