A New Way to Enlarge Your Territory

A New Way to Enlarge Your Territory

You spend countless hours in prayer and study in order to bring God glory and craft masterful sermons. Your members are inspired, and some even buy tapes, yes, tapes, to take home to share with family and friends. Your Minister of Music and choir are sought after for concerts and special events, and is evident God is moving in the life of your congregation. Lives are being transformed, faith is being strengthened, and restoration and healing have come to homes and marriages.

In prayer you have even been courageous enough to ask
“Why are we still a well-kept secret?”

And God says through the Marketplace Ministry Consultant, maybe it’s time for you to do a new thing! For some churches it may be a new building, schedule, but maybe you’re being called to consider how to expand your reach through technology. Social media isn’t a passing fad as the church and society has thought about other cultural trends. So as the adage goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Join the millions of voices on YouTube, Facebook, and other social mediums that impact people not just on Sunday, but throughout the week as users are able to access content 24-7. Nope, not just 11 a.m. on Sunday morning.

With churches on nearly every corner in some communities, you’re likely not alone when it comes to desiring more visibility and extending your reach. While establishing a new campus or moving to another physical location may not be feasible, you can extend ministry beyond your physical location by strategically using social media to connect with prospective converts, potential members, and ill or working members of your congregation. The low cost of technology and access to free platforms make sharing the Gospel easier than it has ever been.

I know, I know, the deacons have said “all of that ain’t necessary”! But isn’t God continually speaking and giving witty inventions and creativity that has advanced culture and our way of life?

Does your ministry have a Facebook page or Twitter account? If “yes,” is it being updated with engaging content?

Have you considered using IGTV to broadcast your sermon?
Have you already had an initial meeting about streaming your service, but you’re just not sure what to do next?

As a former pastor, professional communicator, and digital media educator, my goal is to see faith communities and leaders equipped to serve the present age. My prayer is that we will reach people where they are and go #beyondthewalls! Why not join me on this digital journey?

Call Dr. Lecia for a consultation if you believe your social media engagement and presence may be “the new thing” that God is calling you to pursue.